Hey there,

I'm Emily.  

    Photography has been one of my all time passions,  combine that passion with a person who can vibe with any soul, you have not only beautiful photographs from me, but an unforgettable experience to look back on. Growing up near Kingston, Ontario, I always had a passion for photography, especially Wedding Photography, I loved the way that seemingly mundane moments could be captured and transformed into true beauty. This notion still captivates me, and pushes my creativity every day. If you’d like to learn more about me and my work, please do not hesitate to get in touch, I would love to chat about all your photography needs.

Emily Lott xo

Facts about me


I'm a mom of a beautiful little girl.


I am an early bird and a night owl, I should really pick one and stick with it.


When it is time to edit a big session,  you can catch me on the couch, messy bun, and sweat pants for 8 hours straight.


Amazon Prime is my jam, I keep them in business.

Few Favourites

Bride & Groom-22
Maternity Session
Business Branding Session
Portrait Session
Couple Session
Couple Session
Portrait Session
Portrait Session